Monday, December 20

macfags lol

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Thursday, December 16

Mario Brothers GTA Style

author: J C

Monday, November 22

berserk cosplay

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Friday, November 12

Cobra's Corporate Takeover

author: J C

Saturday, November 6

bruce lee plays ping pong... with chucks.

author: si3ge

author: si3ge

this is just... awful.

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Friday, October 29

Tron Preview with Daft Punk

author: J C

Thursday, October 28


author: J C

Chino better have jammed all of those ladies on the set.

You've Seen The Butcher

Deftones | Myspace Music Videos

Monday, October 4

True Grit

author: J C

Friday, October 1

funny skate glitches

author: si3ge

Tuesday, September 28


author: K

New anime.


Monday, September 27


author: si3ge

the new #pendulum album is the shit

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Thursday, September 23

ohya ken

author: si3ge

I got those lenses in my glasses that autodim with the sun too! transitional lenses? i have yet to see them work. she said it might not work first couple times

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Saturday, September 11

New MVC3 Trailer

author: J C

Wednesday, September 8

Back in the day

author: J C

Dear Lord, please give me the cheat codes to Mike Tyson's Punch Out. I have been stuck on Bald Bull for four years. I tried left, left, up, B, dodge, Uppercut, but he still knocks me out. And you know, they said you're suppose to go right, B, up, dodge, left, Uppercut... (chuckles).. listen to me tell you how to play the game.

Monday, September 6


author: si3ge

what do you guys think of getting this as a tattoo?
in case you are wondering... its from MGS.
and/or this:

Friday, September 3

my dream had a Shyamalan twist kinda

author: si3ge

So this dream was dylan and i together wanting to go to a water park for some reason. we thought "hey! lets go during the winter time when no one else is there so we can have it all to ourselves!" (how has no one had this idea before?). so we went up to flagstaff looking for a waterpark and checked into a hotel. we met this kid who was our age and struck up a conversation about similar interests. we decided he was pretty cool and began hangin out with him during our stay.
so next day we tell him were looking for a water park and he says he knows of one! and we are both thinking "cool! take us there!". he agrees and we start our trip with him. we get to a place that gets the car stuck in snow (perfect conditions for a water park trip!) and so the new guy says "ok so we have to trek it on foot from here on. we both say ok and start goin. after we are pretty far from anywhere and anything we are both tired and sit down for a spell to rest up and discuss whether we should go further. the new kid sits down with us next to me... dylan sits to my left and new guy on my right. the new guy reaches into his pocket and pulls something out then makes a quick motion toward my head with it. i manage to get my hand up to block it then give him a hard punch to the ribs which causes him to really gasp (i can tell i knocked the air out of him and did some real damage to a few ribs.) he leans over a bit in pain and just as dylan and i are trying to comprehend what is happening all kinds of police show up and the front desk clerk from the hotel is there too.
the police apprehend the new kid and see the confused look on our faces. he shows us what the kid had in his hand/pocket... a syringe. the police explain that this kid is a serial killer they have been trying to track for months and after they got a tip from the hotel clerk that he looked suspicious striking up a conversation with us they began surveillance on us and waited until he made a move to take him down. we both were stunned that our new friend had led us out there to murder us and then kind of thought to ourselves "yeah but we were just about to kick the shit outta him after he tried to stab me". then i woke up.

Thursday, September 2

freddiew = $$

author: si3ge

Theres a lot more videos on his youtube acct... go watch em

Wednesday, August 25

Characters, Viewtiful, and Dormammu

author: J C

Tuesday, August 24

The Walking Dead

author: J C

A very popular comic by Robert Kirkman entitled 'The Walking Dead' is being made into a television show. I've read the first thirty or so issues since I started buying the TPB's and it is an excellent series. This preview promoting the show basically only covers the first few issues so there is alot more shit that has yet to go down.

Monday, August 23

comic stuff

author: si3ge

marvel has some preview pages of this wolverine comic that supposedly is the most violent/gory wolverine comic ever.
josh: what is this "brightest day" stuff from DC?

also i shaved my head for Kathryns homework project that needed human hair. and im like super sunburnt... pics to come maybe

Wednesday, August 18

Black Swan

author: J C


author: si3ge
josh heres some article on MVC2 and that firehead guy

Sunday, August 15

my dream

author: si3ge

ok so had another dream with par kour.
it included myself, Sarah, and Fred Durst. We were all friends and liked to run around alot. we all decided to go running one afternoon and took a bunch of back alleys and secret places and stuff in the city. Well Sarah and Durst always wanted to cut through peoples backyards and I advised against it since it was someone elses property. Finally they actually cut through a backyard and I had to follow them. When I followed them back there I found that they couldn't scale this guys walls because they were way too high. Just then the owner of the house came out and didnt say anything but he was this really tall fat scary looking dude with long hair and he had a gun! we all panicked and tried to get out but they still couldnt get up the wall. I found another wall on the side that I was able to reach and climb up. I got to the top of the fence and laid across the top of it and told Durst to come over and I'd grab his hand and swing him up and over the fence. He came over and we successfully did it! I got him over the fence! but as I let him down I saw that the scary guy was approaching from the outside! I told Durst to run and I jumped back INSIDE the yard. As soon as I landed... THE GUY IS BACK INSIDE THE YARD ALREADY. So I was like SARAH RUN! but she stayed to try and get Kathryn away from the scary guy. Well the scary guy came and grabbed them both and took them inside and locked the door so I ran to the neighbors house and banged on their window. I told them to call 911 and for some reason the lady said "you call me first" I layed the smack down and told her to just do it and that doesnt make sense and she said OK. So I ran back to the house and thats when I woke up. :O

Tuesday, August 10

pencils, scott pilgrim, it crowd, hulu plus

author: si3ge

pencils came in, have yet to test them.
bought scott pilgrim video game off PSN.. will test that one out soon.
just activated hulu plus invite. Todd: how are you liking it so far?
also i guess theres a US version of the IT crowd now... wonder how it is.
heres the SCvsTW PSN launch trailer just for funsies...

btw... soundtrack is by Anamanaguchi. got 2 of their previous albums and they are AWESOME.
I think this game + comiccon are whats inspiring me to try my hand at drawing again

Saturday, August 7


author: si3ge

just ordered these. well see how well i can still draw. Josh: remind me of the funny shit we thought up at CC.
also im gettin more into twitter... my twitter feed is here:

Friday, August 6

New Jackass Movie

author: J C

Wednesday, August 4

It's Always Sunny Season 6 Teaser

author: J C

Tuesday, August 3

Up/Inception Mashup

author: J C

Sucker Punch

author: J C

Monday, August 2

testing twitterfeed

author: si3ge

wonder if this works

power corrupts

author: si3ge

this cop is obviously a bit pissed off because of something. I didnt watch the entire video but this cyclist had a helmet cam running as he drove around. so he was probably speeding for a while there but when you see the cop pull him over he jumps out of the car and DRAWS HIS FUCKING GUN as he tells the guy to get off the bike. I can understand being apprehensive about approaching a heavily tinted SUV in the ghetto... you really dont know what/who is inside waiting for you but even in that case im pretty sure cops arent allowed to approach the vehicle GUNS DRAWN.
in this case though he can obviously see the biker clearly and the video shows no reason to believe he is dangerous. despite all this, the guy is facing up to 16 years in prison for putting the video on YouTube... what happened to freedom of press/free speech? sounds like the wrong guy is on trial to me. definitely wouldnt want that guy protecting MY streets.

Thursday, July 29

fist of the north star

author: si3ge
Thursday, July 22

live streaming

author: si3ge

takes too much battery
so im doing flickr updates again :O

Wednesday, July 21

comiccon live!

author: si3ge

this player should show whatever is currently live on my cam so when i start streaming comiccon it should show up here. rei: countin on you to keep me up to date if its workin or not.

Tuesday, July 13

For Joshee

author: Todd

I fucking hate how this site displays videos....

Sunday, July 11


author: si3ge

so whats the plan for comiccon? i work UNTIL 7am on the 21st then im off until 11pm on the 28th. lemme know if youre driving or im driving, you wanna meet here then head out? did you get the bungalow reserved?

Friday, July 9

What The Eff

author: Todd

Sunday, July 4


author: si3ge

if you have netflix... go stream this movie. its pretty fucking AWESOME. its a documentary about a professional thief. He's followed around as he first cases a place and talks about what he looks for, how long to case it, etc. etc. and the disguises and methods he uses to do his thing are so practical and thought out. The whole thing is very informative and extremely entertaining. 5 stars from me.

Wednesday, June 30

Hulu Plus

author: si3ge

you guys will probably want to get in on an invite and maybe get some free time before it goes to paid service.

if thats true i guess that last guy is a total fag

Tuesday, June 29

im already a master at this

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Monday, June 28

ni no kuni: shiroki

author: si3ge
Friday, June 25

Kirby and Yarn

author: J C
Thursday, June 24

New Interpol

author: J C

droid to the rescue

author: si3ge

thanks to whoever wrote the free wireless tether app. and thanks for making it support bluetooth so when the cable goes out i can just use 3g from my desktop.

Wednesday, June 23

in this moment

author: si3ge

Saturday, June 19

She Dusts

author: J C

The last fifteen seconds or so with Brandon Routh is too awesome.

Friday, June 18


author: J C


author: si3ge
Tuesday, June 8

The Return of Mortal Kombat?

author: J C

This video was released this week and people are speculating it is either the relaunch of a new movie or a video game. Either way, it looks pretty good.

Saturday, June 5


author: si3ge

THIS SHIT is hilarious. laughed pretty fucking hard.

Wednesday, June 2

Pic I Took While Working

author: Todd

Monday, May 24

August Burns Red

author: J C

Where is Riki Rachtman at with all these metal videos being posted.

August Burns Red - "White Washed"

August Burns Red | MySpace Music Videos

More For Josh

author: Todd

For Josh

author: Todd

Thursday, May 20


author: J C
Tuesday, May 18


author: Todd

Monday, May 17

Southpark owns Facebook

author: J C

If you have twenty minutes to kill, you should view this link and watch Southpark make fun of how serious people view facebook.

You Have 0 Friends

Saturday, May 15

How To Destroy Angels

author: J C

this is my job.

author: si3ge

just got off the phone with this lady
i said "i unlocked your account go ahead and try to login again"
she says "with the new password or old password?"
i say "have you changed your password recently?"
she says "no"
i say "do you have a new and old passwords? you shouldnt have 2.."
she says "no just the old"
i say "but the new one doesnt exist?"
she says "yes."
i say "then use the old one."

Saturday, May 8

qik video

author: si3ge


author: J C

There is no denying that Christopher Nolan is a brilliant director. If you have seen Memento, The Prestige or the new Dark Knight movies you know he is quite good at what he does. However, Nolan has been hiding any information about his new movie which has about every awesome actor imaginable. A new trailer has finally been released and holy shit is it amazing. Every other movie this summer looks like shit compared to this.

Diesel Uterus

author: J C

Mnemic has had around three singers already in the band over the past few years and although the new singer is not as good as the original, the band itself can still sound pretty awesome. Check it.

Friday, May 7


author: J C

I know Todd is Joel McHale's number one fan but for everyone else that has not watched Community, it has improved greatly from when it first started last season. Last night however will probably never be topped, especially for those who like action movies and enjoy paintball.

Thursday, May 6

Don't Mess With Joe

author: J C

Friday, April 30

Effin' Awesome

author: J C

Soundgarden played a small show in Seattle a few weeks ago. Here is a clip from one of the songs they played.

Thursday, April 29

Video Game Release for May

author: J C

Wednesday, April 28

Laughing Time Is Over

author: J C

Saturday, April 24

TNUC, now with more Tony Montana

author: Todd

More By TNUC

author: Todd
Friday, April 23

New Rammstein Video

author: J C

Rammstein always comes up with great videos. The band thinking about either Henry Rollins or James Hetfield replacing their singer Till Lindemann is hilarious.


Rammstein | MySpace Music Videos

Tuesday, April 20


author: J C

Saturday, April 17

The Epic 80's

author: J C

Wednesday, April 14

Time Will See Us Realign

author: J C
Friday, April 2

The Ultimate Action Movie!?

author: J C

This movie has got to have one of the greatest assortments of badass movie stars ever assembled!

Tuesday, March 30

New Metroid Trailer

author: J C
Wednesday, March 24

Self Defense With Common Everyday Objects

author: Todd

Friday, March 12

Walt Mossberg on Chatroulette

author: Todd

Tuesday, March 9

The Deftones are Back!

author: J C