Thursday, May 28

I'm the Computer Man

author: K

Saturday, May 23

How will I know you'll still follow?

author: J C
Thursday, May 14

battlefield: heroes

author: si3ge

its pretty fun so far

portable apps suite

author: si3ge

portableapps is a program that runs on any usb flash drive and includes a lot of cool shit you can load up on the fly. wanna see your buddy list on a school computer? use pidgin portable... friend thinks they have a virus? scan it using clam. theres a pretty good list of useful apps on their site and you can add just about any other app to it as well. so far im liking it a lot.

Saturday, May 9

speed optimizer

author: si3ge

decided to try one of those speed tweaks and heres what happened.
i used this program:,22416-order,1-page,1-c,alldownloads/description.html

and this site has a form you can fill out to make a custom settings file for it:



gonna test it on a game or 2 now

author: dylan

TF2 Scout Advertises the Slap Chop

Also, what's everyone been up to?