Friday, April 30

Effin' Awesome

author: J C

Soundgarden played a small show in Seattle a few weeks ago. Here is a clip from one of the songs they played.

Thursday, April 29

Video Game Release for May

author: J C

Wednesday, April 28

Laughing Time Is Over

author: J C

Saturday, April 24

TNUC, now with more Tony Montana

author: Todd

More By TNUC

author: Todd
Friday, April 23

New Rammstein Video

author: J C

Rammstein always comes up with great videos. The band thinking about either Henry Rollins or James Hetfield replacing their singer Till Lindemann is hilarious.


Rammstein | MySpace Music Videos

Tuesday, April 20


author: J C

Saturday, April 17

The Epic 80's

author: J C

Wednesday, April 14

Time Will See Us Realign

author: J C
Friday, April 2

The Ultimate Action Movie!?

author: J C

This movie has got to have one of the greatest assortments of badass movie stars ever assembled!