Wednesday, December 31

new years partying early

author: si3ge

looks like someone tore this up today. was fine last time i saw it

Tuesday, December 30


author: si3ge

god this movie looks so good. im gonna try to watch that tonite.

Monday, December 29

in case of emergency

author: si3ge

get trapped behind some grills

Sunday, December 28

RE5 shots

author: si3ge

Saturday, December 27

whistler in action

author: si3ge

radar detector in action
if you look closelyat the end when its goin nuts you can see the speed sign setup that was setting it off. it starts to pick up those speed signs at a pretty good distance , about a 1/4 mile or more away id say. I passed more than a few cops and surprisingly only got alerted to 1 of them. based on the alerts i HAVE seen from cop cars so far it really should have gone off at that range which leads me to believe that a lot of those cop cars that are blatantly sitting out in plain view to scare people but they arent even scanning!! the only car scanning had just pulled someone over near the prince exit on i-10 and he had his lights goin too.
something else thats interesting is the speed sign setup and the cops seem to operate on different frequencies... the cop car set off my x-band while the speed signs set off the k-band (or ka, i cant remember) both times.
between yuma and tucson most of the alerts i got were pretty near to town. didnt even see any cops out around until i got under 50 miles from my exit. i assume they scan near the border patrol stop but i took it down before i got close cause i didnt want to raise suspicion heh

Monday, December 22

whiteboard dump

author: si3ge

some stuff

author: si3ge

nerf vulcan hacked

RE5 gfx comparison

LBP MGS4 thing

wow thats awesome

author: si3ge

Friday, December 19

pendelum - the tempest

author: si3ge

this song is pretty cool

Thursday, December 18


author: si3ge
Wednesday, December 17

new wolverine origins trailer

author: si3ge

fine dylan

Tuesday, December 16

new prodigy single and its pretty kick ass

author: si3ge

Tuesday, December 9

something you've been meaning to do

author: dylan


I know some of you watch it and are currently up to date on it's episodes, and I assume the rest know of it quite well through others but haven't decided to spend the time on it.

I've been following it through and through since the first episode, and it is by and far one of the best premiere cable television programs I have followed, and in it's current state I'm willing to say it is THE best.

Thankfully, for you, the 3rd season is coming to a close as of this next Sunday. That means that, be you so willing, you can basically line up all 3 seasons via torrent and knock them out one after another at your leisure. I don't really have any convincing argument in specific to sway you into such a feat, but I will say that if you ever had any inkling of urge to start watching this show, I am now at a point in my viewing experience where I can say that I 100% endorse your decision to do so. Godspeed.

Sunday, December 7


author: dylan

So, what's up. I heard about this new p90x workout thing from a girl i know whos been doing it and says it annihilates her so bad she has to call in to work the next day after she does it. So, guess what? i now possess the entire encyclopedia of such workout routines, and im going to rock the fuck out of this shit, starting with the ab workout known as AB RIPPER X. The full workout program is a 90 day deal, and im not exactly sure which workouts are done when, but i'm sure its within one of the videos. I'm going to try out the AB section first and see how badly that part tears me up, if I can even finish it. I can do about 100 normal situps right now, which is right where I used to be, but it really has no effect on my abdomen for some reason, as far as looks go. This p90x jazz is all about the muscle confusion, which is something I've heard Caleb speak of several times when referring to workout strategies. It's constantly switching up exercises about once every 30 seconds or minute or so, totalling to about 20 minutes (for the AB part.) Some of the other exercises last longer, but a lot of them also require light handweights and random things like stepping platforms, which I don't have, but I may purchase a small set of such or just 2x jugs of water to use as weights.

Also, although I still have to take my Math admissions testing for Pima next Friday, and I'm way behind the ball unlike you badasses, I did take my admissions testing for reading and writing and performed flawlessly, which I'm pretty hyped for. I can't wait to take classes with a bunch of 18 year olds and destroy them at everything they hold sacred.

Tuesday, December 2


author: dylan

yeah fucking amazing! all the good things about this sort of technology will come before we are all GPS'd into our very fucking graves.

Monday, December 1
author: si3ge

some lady paid for a 100$ item in all 1's at self checkout.... fun

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