Sunday, December 7


author: dylan

So, what's up. I heard about this new p90x workout thing from a girl i know whos been doing it and says it annihilates her so bad she has to call in to work the next day after she does it. So, guess what? i now possess the entire encyclopedia of such workout routines, and im going to rock the fuck out of this shit, starting with the ab workout known as AB RIPPER X. The full workout program is a 90 day deal, and im not exactly sure which workouts are done when, but i'm sure its within one of the videos. I'm going to try out the AB section first and see how badly that part tears me up, if I can even finish it. I can do about 100 normal situps right now, which is right where I used to be, but it really has no effect on my abdomen for some reason, as far as looks go. This p90x jazz is all about the muscle confusion, which is something I've heard Caleb speak of several times when referring to workout strategies. It's constantly switching up exercises about once every 30 seconds or minute or so, totalling to about 20 minutes (for the AB part.) Some of the other exercises last longer, but a lot of them also require light handweights and random things like stepping platforms, which I don't have, but I may purchase a small set of such or just 2x jugs of water to use as weights.

Also, although I still have to take my Math admissions testing for Pima next Friday, and I'm way behind the ball unlike you badasses, I did take my admissions testing for reading and writing and performed flawlessly, which I'm pretty hyped for. I can't wait to take classes with a bunch of 18 year olds and destroy them at everything they hold sacred.