Saturday, December 27

whistler in action

author: si3ge

radar detector in action
if you look closelyat the end when its goin nuts you can see the speed sign setup that was setting it off. it starts to pick up those speed signs at a pretty good distance , about a 1/4 mile or more away id say. I passed more than a few cops and surprisingly only got alerted to 1 of them. based on the alerts i HAVE seen from cop cars so far it really should have gone off at that range which leads me to believe that a lot of those cop cars that are blatantly sitting out in plain view to scare people but they arent even scanning!! the only car scanning had just pulled someone over near the prince exit on i-10 and he had his lights goin too.
something else thats interesting is the speed sign setup and the cops seem to operate on different frequencies... the cop car set off my x-band while the speed signs set off the k-band (or ka, i cant remember) both times.
between yuma and tucson most of the alerts i got were pretty near to town. didnt even see any cops out around until i got under 50 miles from my exit. i assume they scan near the border patrol stop but i took it down before i got close cause i didnt want to raise suspicion heh