Monday, May 24

August Burns Red

author: J C

Where is Riki Rachtman at with all these metal videos being posted.

August Burns Red - "White Washed"

August Burns Red | MySpace Music Videos

More For Josh

author: Todd

For Josh

author: Todd

Thursday, May 20


author: J C
Tuesday, May 18


author: Todd

Monday, May 17

Southpark owns Facebook

author: J C

If you have twenty minutes to kill, you should view this link and watch Southpark make fun of how serious people view facebook.

You Have 0 Friends

Saturday, May 15

How To Destroy Angels

author: J C

this is my job.

author: si3ge

just got off the phone with this lady
i said "i unlocked your account go ahead and try to login again"
she says "with the new password or old password?"
i say "have you changed your password recently?"
she says "no"
i say "do you have a new and old passwords? you shouldnt have 2.."
she says "no just the old"
i say "but the new one doesnt exist?"
she says "yes."
i say "then use the old one."

Saturday, May 8

qik video

author: si3ge


author: J C

There is no denying that Christopher Nolan is a brilliant director. If you have seen Memento, The Prestige or the new Dark Knight movies you know he is quite good at what he does. However, Nolan has been hiding any information about his new movie which has about every awesome actor imaginable. A new trailer has finally been released and holy shit is it amazing. Every other movie this summer looks like shit compared to this.

Diesel Uterus

author: J C

Mnemic has had around three singers already in the band over the past few years and although the new singer is not as good as the original, the band itself can still sound pretty awesome. Check it.

Friday, May 7


author: J C

I know Todd is Joel McHale's number one fan but for everyone else that has not watched Community, it has improved greatly from when it first started last season. Last night however will probably never be topped, especially for those who like action movies and enjoy paintball.

Thursday, May 6

Don't Mess With Joe

author: J C