Saturday, December 26

something something something darkside

author: si3ge

get it while its up.

two tigers

author: si3ge

this movie is a decent watch if youre bored... especially cause it revolves around 2 hot chicks who both get naked multiple times in the movie.

Wednesday, December 23

fast track to boredom

author: Ray

Saturday, December 19

website is down

author: si3ge

the rest of the vids are here
wow. fucking hilarious

Friday, December 18

Final Fantasy XIII as Linear as a Piece of String

author: Ray

there is not a town to be seen anywhere, and shopping is handled through the sterile interface of the save points.
Glimpses of later maps in the hint book seem to indicate this linearity persists to the very end – it is a wonder the game even bothers with a map.
Further fueling the suspicion that the game has been dumbed down to remedial level is the fact that several key gameplay elements remain locked even after 8 hours of playtime, and the game only sees fit to fully enable its leveling system after 4 hours.
Pre-release reviews of course failed to mention any of this

LAME! i'll still play it though. all the so called pre reviews were giving it high marks too. interesting.

Wednesday, December 16

see what happens when you dont share

author: Ray

Tuesday, December 15

fuckin fun dream

author: si3ge

so i just woke up on my only day off and wow. had a crazy dream!
started out i was living in this house like i do now but i was living with some other people including a crazy guy who is really abusive. for some reason im younger and cant fight back. they all leave for somewhere and i decide to run.
i just strolled away to the neighbors house at like 230am - 3am thinking it was so dark no one could find me no matter how close i was but then the neighbors dog somehow was untethered and began to ran towards me. I jumped the fence into the backyard. from there i did not want to stay in any place i could potentially get in trouble for long, so i started jumping fences and travelling away via backyards and houses instead of running down the street. i jumped into the next yard which didnt have much of a backyard and had to enter the establishment.
i sneaked through houses with families sleeping and even an animal shelter or pet store... i dont know what it was but it looked like it was made for animals to play around in. one house i went through had a YRMC water bottle in it and as i stopped to look at it. when i did i heard the footsteps and voices of my pursuers so i hurriedly removed the wooden stick holding the sliding glass door closed, not worrying about how much noise i was making and only thinking about escaping in time i dashed out.
since i now knew i was being chased i changed course dramatically and found myself running through a park (i know theres no parks near here... its a dream.) and as i headed for a bridge underpass a policecar began tailing me... so i ran harder. at the base of the underpass was a group of girls and i overheard them discussing that one of them thought i was cute and they urged her to go talk to me. i knew i wanted to stop and chat but couldnt so i had to just make a mental note of where i was and remember to come back when this whole thing was over but in the dream... i felt like it was the love of my life somehow. she was wearing a black shirt with vampire lips and teeth on the front and some blood dripping down, she had a hat and a ponytail and some sunglasses.
so i kept right on running and as i completely burned her after having been running for miles and as teh cop car closed in on me i realized i was in a dream. i turned down the next street determined to lose them and to come back to talk to blackshirt girl but that is when i woke up.

i must have broken into 5-10 houses and never had so much fun and excitement. being invisible to everyone when i wanted and girls chasing me when i was in plain sight... pretty awesome.

Friday, December 11

its not my fault!

author: Ray

“Brains of Game Addicts Same as Brains of Drug Addicts”

Medical researchers comparing the brains of people addicted to online games and those addicted to drugs claim the same parts of the brain are affected in both cases, an insight which will come as little surprise to anyone familiar with MMORPGs.
The Korean research team used PET scans to analyse brain activity, and found the “game addicts” to have elevated activity in the areas such the orbitofrontal cortex and caudate nucleus compared to non-gamers.
Subsequent comparisons between the brains of MMO addicts (illustrated above on the right) and cocaine addicts (on the left) revealed similar patterns of activity.
The researchers express their hopes that these results will lead to a recognition of MMO addiction as a medical condition:
“These research results demonstrate that online gaming addiction requires specialised medical treatment just as narcotics addiction does, and we hope it will be recognised as just such a mental illness.”

Wednesday, December 9

damn son. close enuff?

author: si3ge

rockstar parking by that truck...

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