Sunday, November 29
author: Todd

Friday, November 27
author: si3ge

view from 4thfloor of hospital

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Thursday, November 26

why read?

author: K
Monday, November 9

found the porn!

author: si3ge

Sunday, November 8

people of walmart dot com

author: si3ge

this shit has kept me laughin for like an hour so far.

Thursday, November 5

now you can be an x-man.. kinda

author: si3ge

theres a video of some AWESOME wolverine claws here too. its funny cause the guy does some signature wolverine moves... on a cardboard box. hes all intense and into it too. i dont blame him tho.. i would be too.

Wednesday, November 4

astonishing x-men motion comic STREAMING!!

author: si3ge

well this really surprised me... ive heard of these marvel motion comics before but never had the opportunity to see one... now out of the blue hulu throws up the first episode of a fuckin fantastic comic. check it out if you never got the chance to read astonishing x-men... its really great. really.

new shit

author: si3ge

so as you may have noticed i added some widgets to the left there... now you can follow todd or me on twitter and todd/ken/calebs flickr streams as well. if you have a twitter acct or a flickr acct you want added lemme know

Tuesday, November 3

how-to better sex

author: si3ge

some of it sounds like bullshit like step 5... get rich! wtf why didnt i think of that?

Sunday, November 1


author: si3ge

It's No Secret

author: J C