Wednesday, October 28

This guy made a real Buster Sword and Dragonslayer

author: Todd

Buster sword weighs 46lbs

Berserk sword is 35lbs

Friday, October 23

from the geeksquad forums

author: si3ge

Tuesday, October 20

coolest waterbottle evar

author: si3ge

Thank you for placing your order with Casio. Your order has been
AUTHORIZED and shortly, it will be sent to an appropriate fulfillment

does this mean its out of backorder? thatd be awesome!

dont know if you guys have heard of the "legend of neil" but its a pretty funny web series spoofing zelda obviously. at the beginning it looks kinda iffy but after thomas told me to watch all of em i laughed pretty hard at a lot of it... the old man is fuckin hilarious

Legend of Neil, Season 1, Ep. 1 -- The Beginning

Monday, October 19

You Guys Are Nazis!

author: J C

omg backorder

author: si3ge

so that watch is on backorder but customer support says by end of OCT they should receive more.
heres some more pics of it. im obsessed.

Sunday, October 18

moms bday present

author: si3ge

Friday, October 16

when ur drunk

author: si3ge

you make stupid purchases like a 200$ g-shock that looks pretty badass but... its 200 friggin dollars.

hooray mayor bee!

author: si3ge

Tuesday, October 13

5$ camera mount

author: si3ge

of course it only holds small cams with a screw in on the bottom but hey... cool right?

Sunday, October 11

Eff yeah!

author: Todd

Saturday, October 10

DBZ + Awesome Metal = Chumley's Head Explodes

author: Todd

Tuesday, October 6

No Need To Lift Weights

author: J C

Monday, October 5

Do Anything for Dethklok!

author: J C

Saturday, October 3
author: Todd

Has anyone used this yet?

Friday, October 2

When She Sang I Answered the Call

author: J C
Thursday, October 1


author: Todd