Thursday, June 25


author: K

New Band of Brothers but this time, in The Pacific

Tuesday, June 23

How Bout That Ride In?

author: J C
Monday, June 22

a little TOO fast?

author: si3ge

so you may remember this post a while ago where i was tinkering with that program that edits your shit to increase speed right? well if you look at the pic after the tweak i maxed out at 4.92 for my download. the timewarner guy offered us an upgrade for 10$ and we did it... heres the freakin result.

upload is about 2x the speed but the download is about 7x the speed untweaked! (ive reverted back to defaults before running the test). isnt that amazing? im pretty sure dylan has this upgraded package too.

Friday, June 19

Do You Remember

author: J C
Wednesday, June 17

Cammy cosplay

author: si3ge

NSFW cammy cosplay NSFW
pretty hot amateur cammy. costume is pretty good

Friday, June 12

Write That Down

author: J C
Thursday, June 11

remember these!?

author: si3ge

thanks to dragonre i now have my OLD ass music videos from waaay back in the day.. here they are... the ff8 one is pretty gay so consider yourself warned

Tuesday, June 9

200 seconds of quotes

author: J C

Enjoy watching all of these famous lines and then commence to bitch about which famous lines weren’t included.

FINALLY. jesus.

author: si3ge

after like a month of waiting (cause i had to return the first one) i got the flash drive! woo!

so i had this dream. actually i had a few dreams last nite but this one was pretty vivid. our group went to vegas, like me todd josh rei ken etc. and i walked away for a min from our group and i went to the bathroom. when i got there started peeing in a stall for some reason and the guy in the stall to my left actually reached under and started trying to steal my wallet!! so i fuckin kicked him away and when i was done he was outside waiting for me so i whipped out my knife and was like "wtf?" and then he pulled out an UZI!!! i put my hands up and another guy came in with an m4 and started spraying, i used the panic'd crowd to escape and start running. ran through the whole casino with the guys just about to catch me but finally i was able to lose them for a minute and caught up with the group and i was gasping for air then finally said "DUDE GUYS, THERES SOMEONE CHASING-" then i woke up. and i really had to pee. like a lot.

I Am Zack Morris

author: J C

Say what you will about Saved by the Bell (I'm talking to you Todd), but the show was pretty damn popular when I was growing up back in the 90's. So Jimmy Fallon has been trying to have the entire cast reunite on his show and last night he got one step closer. You've gotta give some credit to Mark-Paul Gosselaar for having the stones to make fun of himself. This video is hilarious.

Sunday, June 7

this is interesting...

author: si3ge

this is Bestbuys "leaked memo" that explains some stuff about windows 7 and how the BB is gonna handle it. apparently itll be real cheap to upgrade... like 50$ cheap (if youre using the home edition). also anyone who buys a pc b/w release date and october something will be eligible for a FREE upgrade. wow. well i used the RC for all of 20 mins and after i couldnt get video card drivers i ditched the endeavour completely... maybe if i had a spare machine to run it on i would but i dont. oh well... i hear good things though!

Thursday, June 4

Goonies, E3, Saved by the Bell

author: J C
Monday, June 1

take it cat TAKE IT

author: si3ge