Tuesday, June 9

FINALLY. jesus.

author: si3ge

after like a month of waiting (cause i had to return the first one) i got the flash drive! woo!

so i had this dream. actually i had a few dreams last nite but this one was pretty vivid. our group went to vegas, like me todd josh rei ken etc. and i walked away for a min from our group and i went to the bathroom. when i got there started peeing in a stall for some reason and the guy in the stall to my left actually reached under and started trying to steal my wallet!! so i fuckin kicked him away and when i was done he was outside waiting for me so i whipped out my knife and was like "wtf?" and then he pulled out an UZI!!! i put my hands up and another guy came in with an m4 and started spraying, i used the panic'd crowd to escape and start running. ran through the whole casino with the guys just about to catch me but finally i was able to lose them for a minute and caught up with the group and i was gasping for air then finally said "DUDE GUYS, THERES SOMEONE CHASING-" then i woke up. and i really had to pee. like a lot.


J C said...

that is a kick ass dream

Todd said...

I laughed hard when you pulled out your knife and said "WTF".