Wednesday, June 30

Hulu Plus

author: si3ge

you guys will probably want to get in on an invite and maybe get some free time before it goes to paid service.

if thats true i guess that last guy is a total fag

Tuesday, June 29

im already a master at this

author: si3ge

Monday, June 28

ni no kuni: shiroki

author: si3ge
Friday, June 25

Kirby and Yarn

author: J C
Thursday, June 24

New Interpol

author: J C

droid to the rescue

author: si3ge

thanks to whoever wrote the free wireless tether app. and thanks for making it support bluetooth so when the cable goes out i can just use 3g from my desktop.

Wednesday, June 23

in this moment

author: si3ge

Saturday, June 19

She Dusts

author: J C

The last fifteen seconds or so with Brandon Routh is too awesome.

Friday, June 18


author: J C


author: si3ge
Tuesday, June 8

The Return of Mortal Kombat?

author: J C

This video was released this week and people are speculating it is either the relaunch of a new movie or a video game. Either way, it looks pretty good.

Saturday, June 5


author: si3ge

THIS SHIT is hilarious. laughed pretty fucking hard.

Wednesday, June 2

Pic I Took While Working

author: Todd