Thursday, July 29

fist of the north star

author: si3ge
Thursday, July 22

live streaming

author: si3ge

takes too much battery
so im doing flickr updates again :O

Wednesday, July 21

comiccon live!

author: si3ge

this player should show whatever is currently live on my cam so when i start streaming comiccon it should show up here. rei: countin on you to keep me up to date if its workin or not.

Tuesday, July 13

For Joshee

author: Todd

I fucking hate how this site displays videos....

Sunday, July 11


author: si3ge

so whats the plan for comiccon? i work UNTIL 7am on the 21st then im off until 11pm on the 28th. lemme know if youre driving or im driving, you wanna meet here then head out? did you get the bungalow reserved?

Friday, July 9

What The Eff

author: Todd

Sunday, July 4


author: si3ge

if you have netflix... go stream this movie. its pretty fucking AWESOME. its a documentary about a professional thief. He's followed around as he first cases a place and talks about what he looks for, how long to case it, etc. etc. and the disguises and methods he uses to do his thing are so practical and thought out. The whole thing is very informative and extremely entertaining. 5 stars from me.