Tuesday, December 9

something you've been meaning to do

author: dylan


I know some of you watch it and are currently up to date on it's episodes, and I assume the rest know of it quite well through others but haven't decided to spend the time on it.

I've been following it through and through since the first episode, and it is by and far one of the best premiere cable television programs I have followed, and in it's current state I'm willing to say it is THE best.

Thankfully, for you, the 3rd season is coming to a close as of this next Sunday. That means that, be you so willing, you can basically line up all 3 seasons via torrent and knock them out one after another at your leisure. I don't really have any convincing argument in specific to sway you into such a feat, but I will say that if you ever had any inkling of urge to start watching this show, I am now at a point in my viewing experience where I can say that I 100% endorse your decision to do so. Godspeed.


dylan said...

seriously why is nobody posting or commenting, faggotry abound!

J C said...

i've been wanting to watch this show for awhile. i just finished watching the first episode from season 1. it was pretty good.

c-lub said...

i know! sorry its cause i dont have a desk... some days i dont even look at the laptop anymore :(