Friday, September 4

MGS4 + Heavenly Sword / skill = owned

author: si3ge

so heres a quick wrapup review of a couple ps3 games weve all wanted to play since they were released...

MGS4: cinematics and story are incredible. the graphics are jaw-dropping sometimes too. only weird thing is the proportion of gameplay to cinematics was 1:2. most of the game was a cakewalk until the final act where they give you some pretty hard rooms to get through. all the bosses were really cool to play with neat innovative ways to interact with them and methods to beat theam. i can see why it got a 10/10 but i really coulda used some more gameplay. i have yet to try the metal gear online mode. but a friend from work says they stopped supporting the servers for it. :/

Heavenly Sword: Nariko is super hot. plays like GOW + that one game that ken played through where you have to hit buttons on time in sequence to get through a cinematic event. also this game is the first ive seen to make great use of the Sixaxis ps3 controller. you have to balance the controller to steer flying objects like cannonballs, arrows, chinese hats, knives, etc. its really frustrating at first cause it seems like its impossible to guide it properly but once you get the hang of it, its pretty fun. of course there was a lotta hype about this one cause of the mo-cap work done by the guy who did mo-cap for golem... and its pretty awesome. seems like he was teh voice and movement of 3 or 4 characters and he did a great job, you really feel for the characters. but yeah... its pretty short. and once you get the heavenly sword, you pretty much have seen all the moves youre gonna see in the game. you unlock new combos but no weapon upgrades or anything like that. its pretty cool but if the game were longer id want to see some different fighting styles or different weapons. maybe some heavenly numchucks or heavenly boomerang (with sixaxis control!).