Friday, September 3

my dream had a Shyamalan twist kinda

author: si3ge

So this dream was dylan and i together wanting to go to a water park for some reason. we thought "hey! lets go during the winter time when no one else is there so we can have it all to ourselves!" (how has no one had this idea before?). so we went up to flagstaff looking for a waterpark and checked into a hotel. we met this kid who was our age and struck up a conversation about similar interests. we decided he was pretty cool and began hangin out with him during our stay.
so next day we tell him were looking for a water park and he says he knows of one! and we are both thinking "cool! take us there!". he agrees and we start our trip with him. we get to a place that gets the car stuck in snow (perfect conditions for a water park trip!) and so the new guy says "ok so we have to trek it on foot from here on. we both say ok and start goin. after we are pretty far from anywhere and anything we are both tired and sit down for a spell to rest up and discuss whether we should go further. the new kid sits down with us next to me... dylan sits to my left and new guy on my right. the new guy reaches into his pocket and pulls something out then makes a quick motion toward my head with it. i manage to get my hand up to block it then give him a hard punch to the ribs which causes him to really gasp (i can tell i knocked the air out of him and did some real damage to a few ribs.) he leans over a bit in pain and just as dylan and i are trying to comprehend what is happening all kinds of police show up and the front desk clerk from the hotel is there too.
the police apprehend the new kid and see the confused look on our faces. he shows us what the kid had in his hand/pocket... a syringe. the police explain that this kid is a serial killer they have been trying to track for months and after they got a tip from the hotel clerk that he looked suspicious striking up a conversation with us they began surveillance on us and waited until he made a move to take him down. we both were stunned that our new friend had led us out there to murder us and then kind of thought to ourselves "yeah but we were just about to kick the shit outta him after he tried to stab me". then i woke up.


Ray said...

... flagstaff and you didnt even call me...