Sunday, January 2

wtf zombie dream

author: si3ge

so it all started when i noticed my computer was replaced with like a 10 year old computer and crt monitor. i was like wtf? i asked my mom wtf happened. she didnt know what happened. i was like are you serious? cause it was expensive. she was like ok well ill let you know if it turns up. i was furious.
for some reason we all lived in a facility and that day wed had a weird number of fire drills. everytime we went out to gather there were less people. we kept asking "wheres so and so?" finally i suspected something was up and pulled my best friend aside (who was some random dude in this dream, not someone i actually know)and said dude whats going on here? lets just split right now and regather elsewhere so we can watch whats going on from the outside. he was finally convinced to go with my plan.
as we tried to leave all hell broke loose with gasmask soldiers trying to contain anyone leaving but we were able to cause enough chaos to slip by undetected.
we went to his house to talk about what was going on. his family was there already panic'd about the zombie infection starting to spread throughout. he was able to grab his dads shotgun but i had nothing and just as we were both about to suggest that we bunker down and wait it out... zombies started trying to claw their way in his house. his family screamed and panic'd too. eventually we were the only ones to escape, his whole family was dead.
night was falling now and we were running through the streets shooting a path clear to find shelter. my friend started putting a distance between us and i scolded him to stay close as i was defenseless/weaponless. we eventually got separated and i ran down the street to the darkest lot and climbed the darkest tree to hide in. eventually i noticed my friend walking up, he had rescued his 2 dogs and i thought that was sweet but i told him they were only a liability unless he could assure me they were trained not to bark. he said were taking them and that was that. i said ok i guess.
then we soon ran into another grouping of zombies and had to jog to the nearest shelter. my friends poor decision led us to a public restroom which we should have assumed had no other exit before we even went in. anyway we became trapped in there and as we were fighting the horde in the doorway a balloon floated by and a zombie became distracted by it. i got an idea and took the nearby balloons the rogue balloon had escaped from and gave it to the zombies. they all sat down and started making balloon animals and i was like DUDE LETS GO!!! he was on the ground making balloon animals too, shotgun in lap. i slapped it out of his hands and called him an F'ing retard so hed listen and then we attempted to hop over the sitting zombies to get out of the bathroom.
then i woke up in a cold sweat.
shit was intense.