Sunday, October 5


author: J C

I know Caleb and Kenneth have read some of the trades from Ultimate X-Men so they might find this appealing. Back in 2000, Marvel created the Ultimate Universe which was basically taking the same characters that exist in the Marvel Universe but allowing writers the opportunity to put a new spin on the characters origins and such. Basically an alternate universe but surprisingly there has not really been any MAJOR differences between many of the characters with writers staying very close to the original concepts. However, over the years many of the great writers that started this new universe have left and the past few years the quality and sales have faltered. Last year a rumor started circulating that Marvel was planning on relaunching the Ultimate franchise and starting anew, which is fairly common with comics that start to lag in sales. Well this November, the mini series that will create this new launch is entitled Ultimatum and it will revolve around Magneto apparently destroying the world and anyone in his path due to the tragic events that have taken place in his life over the years in the Ultimate Universe. This series is definitely worth checking out. Click on the picture above to see the image promoting Ultimatum, written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by David Finch.


c-lub said...

damn that looks cool. but i probably wont even care until it comes out in a volume. i read some x-men volume called blinded by the light or something like that. it was pretty cool but i hate not having the rest of the story