Friday, October 3


author: si3ge

so i had this idea for an iphone app. theres software called "loopt" for verizon and helio had software that did the same thing with the "buddy icon" thing. basically you can look at a map on your phone and via the magic of GPS you can see where they are. in Loopt it was pretty innacurate, someone standing next to me would read as a half mile away. oh well.
anyways heres my idea. why not take this a step further and grant the user the ability to set waypoints for their friends to go to! the daily advantages would be the ability to say "hey go pick up my order of contacts while youre out grocery shopping, heres the waypoint." but I think the real fun would begin if someone designed a game around it. imagine a game for mobile phones that has people actually running around town doing stuff. How about a commander in a game of paintball that can overlook the field and tell people to advance based on his overhead view? Maybe you can sign up to be a part of something bigger in your area; sign up online, then one day you wake up and your phone says "lets begin" and you get a waypoint and instructions. (kinda like GTA?)
I dunno, i thought about this last nite and thought itd be way cool if it was done right.

now look at this cool car