Sunday, July 12


author: K

Just finished reading the manga. It's really good. Has excellent ratings at animenewsnetwork. Doctor saves a serial killer. Years later killer shows up again and the police think the doctor is the killer. Doctor goes on the run to find and kill the killer. As he searches for him he learns bits of the backstory which turns out to be really dark. Lots of people die. Great story.


J C said...

that sounds like a really cool premise.

c-lub said...

there was also a really good manga a while back but i forgot what it was called. was about a detective who had a split personality, his other personality is the serial killer hes tracking. :o
one really cool part i remember from it is the killer had locked his victims in place, surgically removed the tops of their skulls and while they were STILL ALIVE he planted ferns or some shit in their head and let the roots slowly destroy the brain. isnt that crazy?
fuckin japs.