Tuesday, July 7

ninja game idea

author: si3ge

so i had this idea for a WII game...

so yeah you use 2 controllers NOT A NUMCHUCK for 2 swords or maybe a combination of weapons, whatever. then you stand on the wii fit and motions that the player makes with his knees and leaning will make the character onscreen dash towards whatever is locked. you can use a button on the controller to change targets. also jumping on the pad will jump in game.
encounters would be a variety of stealth sneakups and killing quietly while other situations may have the player facing many enemies and will have to be quick so that the pattern looks like this:
dash-block-strike-strike-dash-block-strike-dash-strike-dash-strike-etc. etc.


J C said...

make it happen! i bet nintendo will try to implement something similar to your idea in the near future.

c-lub said...

also a slowmo powerup that allows you to dash and kill multiple targets all while they are still in slowmo. then you could see a replay of it from a sideview like that one samurai movie