Wednesday, July 8

Silversun Pickups

author: J C

Remember those unplugged sets that popular bands used to play on MTV? Well apparently they still have performances. The Silversun Pickups played an acoustic show in New York recently. Click on this link if you want to see more of their performance. Doesn't anyone else think the lead singer looks like Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?


c-lub said...

damn theyre songs are awesome and they sound great acoustic too. but wtf what a bunch of weird lookin ppl. even the girl looks semi-hot but she has issues with her self image.
panic switch would be a better video to imbed. when he starts yelling near the end it was awesome.

J C said...

i thought about posting panic switch instead but since i had already linked the official video awhile back i thought it would be better to branch out