Monday, August 23

comic stuff

author: si3ge

marvel has some preview pages of this wolverine comic that supposedly is the most violent/gory wolverine comic ever.
josh: what is this "brightest day" stuff from DC?

also i shaved my head for Kathryns homework project that needed human hair. and im like super sunburnt... pics to come maybe


J C said...

wolverine comics are pretty much hit or miss with those one shots when they publish so many of them. i've been collecting brightest day. it is kind of a spin off from 'blackest night.' basically a select amount of dc characters were brought back to life and they all are supposed to have a specific reason for being brought back but they aren't quite sure what that reason is yet. it's going to be a year long series coming out once every two weeks. i like it so far but alot of ppl don't like the numerous storylines which basically has the comic discuss a characters story for only a few pages before moving to the next character.