Sunday, August 15

my dream

author: si3ge

ok so had another dream with par kour.
it included myself, Sarah, and Fred Durst. We were all friends and liked to run around alot. we all decided to go running one afternoon and took a bunch of back alleys and secret places and stuff in the city. Well Sarah and Durst always wanted to cut through peoples backyards and I advised against it since it was someone elses property. Finally they actually cut through a backyard and I had to follow them. When I followed them back there I found that they couldn't scale this guys walls because they were way too high. Just then the owner of the house came out and didnt say anything but he was this really tall fat scary looking dude with long hair and he had a gun! we all panicked and tried to get out but they still couldnt get up the wall. I found another wall on the side that I was able to reach and climb up. I got to the top of the fence and laid across the top of it and told Durst to come over and I'd grab his hand and swing him up and over the fence. He came over and we successfully did it! I got him over the fence! but as I let him down I saw that the scary guy was approaching from the outside! I told Durst to run and I jumped back INSIDE the yard. As soon as I landed... THE GUY IS BACK INSIDE THE YARD ALREADY. So I was like SARAH RUN! but she stayed to try and get Kathryn away from the scary guy. Well the scary guy came and grabbed them both and took them inside and locked the door so I ran to the neighbors house and banged on their window. I told them to call 911 and for some reason the lady said "you call me first" I layed the smack down and told her to just do it and that doesnt make sense and she said OK. So I ran back to the house and thats when I woke up. :O


Todd said...

This was awesome. I lost it when the neighbor said "you call me first."