Monday, August 2

power corrupts

author: si3ge

this cop is obviously a bit pissed off because of something. I didnt watch the entire video but this cyclist had a helmet cam running as he drove around. so he was probably speeding for a while there but when you see the cop pull him over he jumps out of the car and DRAWS HIS FUCKING GUN as he tells the guy to get off the bike. I can understand being apprehensive about approaching a heavily tinted SUV in the ghetto... you really dont know what/who is inside waiting for you but even in that case im pretty sure cops arent allowed to approach the vehicle GUNS DRAWN.
in this case though he can obviously see the biker clearly and the video shows no reason to believe he is dangerous. despite all this, the guy is facing up to 16 years in prison for putting the video on YouTube... what happened to freedom of press/free speech? sounds like the wrong guy is on trial to me. definitely wouldnt want that guy protecting MY streets.