Tuesday, August 10

pencils, scott pilgrim, it crowd, hulu plus

author: si3ge

pencils came in, have yet to test them.
bought scott pilgrim video game off PSN.. will test that one out soon.
just activated hulu plus invite. Todd: how are you liking it so far?
also i guess theres a US version of the IT crowd now... wonder how it is.
heres the SCvsTW PSN launch trailer just for funsies...

btw... soundtrack is by Anamanaguchi. got 2 of their previous albums and they are AWESOME.
I think this game + comiccon are whats inspiring me to try my hand at drawing again


Todd said...

I never got on hulu plus. We usually just netflix stream from our blu ray player for our entertainment needs. I also have the local channels in HD for free. No cable channels though, shit is too much $$$