Monday, September 15

the game is far from over FREEMAN!~

author: Ray

so i found out what movie that car crash was from!

oh man as soon as i saw that delicious computer generated car and its passengers fly off the freeway into the wide blue yonder at 200 mph i was hooked, weighed and measured. any director with the cojones to put such outlandish garbage into an opening scene of a movie deserves my full unbridled attention!! i had no knowledge of what i was watching, alls i knew was that i was in for one heck of a wild night!!!. i was pleasantly surprised to see morgan freeman making an appearence as if it was in need of some heavy hitting star power!? just icing on the cake baby. the remote was 2 feet too far for me to reach from INCREDibly comfortable position... so it was JUST ME AND MORGAN IN IT TILL THE END> les do this.

well i made it. watched the entire thing! found out it was along came a spider haha. ill never get those 2 hours back!!!! but omg signs is on directly next. les do this gibson LETS DO THIS.


c-lub said...

omg one of freemans attempts at capturing his se7en role for some more money