Tuesday, September 16

Buncha vids

author: si3ge

Google is comin out with a phone apparently... iphone competition?

The Force Unleashed review.
the guy talks a lot about how every aspect kinda sucks but then the game ends up getting a decent score... weird.

TOP 10 GENESIS GAMES!! its actually a top 20 but you can look up the 20-11 list on your own.
also, at the end they invite you to go to their site and name your favorite VGM. I'd say that Rika something something song from MGS on the playstation during the death of sniper wolf was a freaking amazing song.

you guys probably dont share the same love I have for the AVGN but heres the latest ep. its Dick Tracy for the NES... I never played this game and I'm kinda glad I didnt.

ep2 of trueblood

spore review