Friday, September 5
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A man was arrested on charges of DUI, open container and an outstanding warrant early Wednesday morning.

Police pulled the car over after seeing that it was going excessively slowly and the driver was not using his turn signals. As police pulled up to the car, two beverages - one can of Milwaukee's Best and one can of Sparks Light - were thrown out of the passenger window. Police retrieved the cans and noted that they were cold to the touch and about half full.

As officers approached the vehicle, they reported that there was a strong smell of intoxicants coming from the driver. They also noticed two open 16-ounce Mickey's Malt Liquor cans on the floor in the back seat.

The driver asked why he had been pulled over. When police told him that he had not used his turn signals, he responded by saying that the police were liars and said that no one was behind him.

He was asked to step out of the car and used the door for support when he did. His speech was slow and mumbled, and police witnessed the driver swaying as he stood in front of them. The driver was uncooperative with police, saying that he was "being lied to, and I'm going into my lied-to-by-cops mode."

After the driver emerged from the car, police saw a six-pack of Milwaukee's Best under the front floorboard. After running his information, police were informed that he had an outstanding warrant for drinking in a city park.

When police tried to question and test him for intoxication, the driver refused, saying "You fucking assholes. I ain't doing shit." He was uncooperative and when police tried to talk to him, he laid down on the ground. He was asked to stand up repeatedly and place his hands behind his head. He lay on the ground still, refusing to move. After being warned many times that if he did not get up, there would be repercussions, he still lay on the ground. Police attempted to use pressure points to get the subject to comply, but due to the amount of skin on his neck, they were ineffective.

The man was again asked to get up repeatedly and warned that if he did not, a Tazer would be used on him. He was immobilized with a Tazer once. He was asked again to stand up but refused. After even more warnings, a Tazer was used on him again. He responded by saying, "I can take it; it ain't shit."

Three officers tried to lift him, but the driver made himself dead weight and was unable to be lifted. Another officer was called to help.

Once they got the man into the car, he was transported to Pima County Jail. En route, he warned officers that "I got to school for free now because of the last cop that Tazed me, " and, "You better call someone else to help you, 'cause I am not getting out of the car."

A corrections officer convinced him to exit the vehicle, and he was booked on charges of DUI, open container and an outstanding warrant. The passenger of the car was cited and released on open container charges.

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