Sunday, September 14


author: Ray

GTAIV *spoiler alert*

so, after about 60 hours game time and 70 percent completion, Liberty City is now me/romans city to plunder as we see fit. I eliminated any and all opposing forces/competition including the fuck who betrayed me in the motherland, and Dimitri, the fuck who betrayed me and kidnapped Roman here in LC. The battle was not without casualties, having just witnessed my cousins wedding, the mob boss jimmy pegorino(angry that i denied a previous business deal with my enemy dimitri, and slayed him instead) drives by the wedding aiming at me instead shooting KATE in the face killing her instantly. to say the least i had a newfound love for the girl and was pissed. i set out with lil jacob and roman at my side to hunt the fuck down and kill him. THE END=dissappointing tbh. its no rpg. good game tho moreso for 14 year old mtv wannabes a 9-9.5 just because it is so well done.

theres another alternate ending had i taken the deal with dimitri instead of slaying him outright:

If the player chooses to strike a Deal, Niko meets Phil Bell at the docks to make the exchange. Dimitri sabotages his side of the deal but Niko and Phil eventually retrieve the drug money regardless. Kate, who was against making the deal, is furious with Niko and refuses to attend Roman and Mallorie's wedding. The wedding takes place and an assassin sent by Dimitri to kill Niko inadvertently shoots and kills Roman during a struggle. A devastated and vengeful Niko teams up with Little Jacob and they go to an abandoned casino in Alderney to kill Dimitri, who is now in partnership with Pegorino. Jacob then leaves to formulate an escape plan for Niko after he kills Dimitri. In the casino, Dimitri kills Pegorino and attempts to escape. Niko and Little Jacob follow him to Happiness Island, where Niko kills Dimitri. The story ends with a parting shot of the Statue of Happiness, with Niko concerned for the well-being of his soul.

seems like a better more dramatic ending tbh. oh well.


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