Sunday, September 14

We should...

author: K

play pool.

And chess.


c-lub said...

wow you guys are bored

rei said...

naw ive been pretty entertained with coughing up blood and all. good times! the roads a calling my friends!ignore the depredation of your influenced egos! the freedom and the beauty grows brighter each day as our window of opportunity shrinks to fit society's ardent emotions anxiously eroding our free hopes and dreams until theres nothing but an empty shell remaining and we settle for what degradation is forced upon our human souls demeaned and broken barely aware of our humanistic urges. the human spirit is screaming to be heard! too long have we suppressed this innate urge to make the journey, to test ourselves as we traverse into manhood. too long have we denied this basic right of passage. men.. only in this sick fuckin world can we say WERE MEN AND WERE ALIVE with a straight face... ahhhhh as i watch on television the worst ferrari cg crash scene i have ever witnessed hahahhaha. sigh BORED? I BEG TO DIFFER SIR. sir caleb m. and kensington are you with me?!